Become an TRBT Branch Manager

There are 28 million (28,000,000) small businesses in the US with over 500,000 new ones starting each year. According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), the primary concern/constraint reported by small business owners is inadequate capital to start and grow their business.

Branch Manager highlights:

  • Private/white label so you are taking YOUR brand to the market.
  • Free website to track all of your clients.
  • Free CRM access for loan status tracking (NO LICENSE FEE PAID IN FULL REQUIRED).
  • Free in-person training conducted at YOUR location or office.
  • No requirement to lease an office nor hire staff, unless you desire to.
  • Earn $150 for each client enrolled in the Business Funding Program, 50% of the Net Capital Raise per client. Recruit another Branch Manager EARN $250 INSTANTLY. PAYOUT PER INVOICE TO THE CLIENT.
  • Earn $75 per Credit Repair referral client.
  • Get $12,500 for working capital if your branch license is paid in full within 90 days.
  • Get $2500 bonus payout when your recruiting branch manager’s license is fully paid.
  • Financing is available to set up your Branch today!


There are two simple steps to be considered for the Branch Manager role:

  1. Submit a $500 deposit. The deposit will be applied to your Branch License as a down payment. Additionally, TRBT will fund the Branch Manager $12,500 of working capital once the Branch License is fully funded within 90 days.
  2. All Branch Managers will also receive a CRM backend for client loan status and free training for Certification.