Small business credit cards provide business owners with easy access to a revolving line of credit with a set credit limit in order to make purchases and withdraw cash. Like a consumer credit card, a small business credit card carries an interest charge if the balance is not repaid in full each billing cycle.


  • Up to $150,000
  • 10% bank end performance fee paid to us after lines are received
  • 0% interest for the first 9-15 months. Average interest around 15% afterwards
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Cash liquidation assistance available
  • One or more revolving lines
  • Minimum of 3 Open, Seasoned (at least 12 months), and
  • Primary Revolving Lines.
  • Minimum 680 Credit Score
  • No More than 4 Inquiries per Bureau (we can work with more
  • depending on other factors) within the last 6 month
  • BK Must be Over 5 Years
  • Recent Late Payments, Judgments, Liens, etc. are Case by Case

Three easy steps to start the process :

    1. Sign up for an iDentityIQ account for a 7 day trial for $1  click here (please provide log-in information below).
    2. Fill out the form below then submit (Response in 24 to 72 hours).
    3. Once we provide an evaluation, we’ll make a decision rather to proceed forward.
* All personal information will remain confidential and be discarded if client does not enter our program.