Access Capital Under Your Company EIN Only!

Accessing capital under your EIN is a smart strategy for business owners.

In less than 60 days we can get you up to $50,000 to use to start or grow a business PLUS rapidly build your business credit profiles with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, etc. With that liquidity and strong business credit profile, VERY LARGE amounts of capital can be obtained thereafter as you look so good on paper.

We refer to this strategy as the Fast Track Business Credit Build.

Benefits of the Fast Track Program include:

  • Fast (funding in less than 60 days).
  • Low cost of capital (often 0% interest for an introductory period).
  • Reports under your EIN (NOT your SSN).
  • Only need to be 1-year time in business on your registered entity.
  • Multiple Trade Lines.
  • Keep Trade Lines Forever.
  • Primary Business Trade Lines (fees may apply).

Process to begin the Fast Track Program

  • Client must first complete the business foundation course (Fees may apply).
  • Clients must also purchase a trade lines package to qualify for fast track funding.
  • Financing is available for trade lines package that will forever post to your EIN.

Explanation of fields:

  • First and last name. Your legal name.
  • Legal Business Name. Must be an incorporated filed legal business at least 1 year old.
  • COMPLETE Business Address. If you don’t provide a commercial business address (street, city, state, and zip).
  • Must provide a provide a professional e-mail address.
  • EIN Registered IRS tax number.
  • Phone Must be a listed business landline.
  • Must have a business website.
  • Is your business listed with 411? Y/N.
  • Does your business have a Duns number? Y/N.
  • Does your business have a Nav account? Y/N.
  • Does your business have a business bank account? Y?N.
  • Verification. Before program begins will need to supply a legal ID that matches all business owner information.
  • COMPLETE Home Address. If you don’t provide a full address (street, city, state, and zip), you will not be able to proceed with the Fast Track Business Credit Build.
  • The phone number you want us to contact you at.
  • The email address you want us to communicate with you.
  • Approximate personal credit score? Some lenders (but not all) will require to check your credit even though they report under the EIN. (No derogatory credit) This helps us understand what you might qualify for.

• If your business doesn’t have all the underwriting criteria for the fast track program we suggest you enroll in our business foundation course (Fees may apply) to make your business fundable*
• Client must have a 680 or more personal credit score, no derogatory marks, no bankruptcy, not more then 4 inquires and must be in business for one year or more with entity in good standing with the state for this program.
• Purchasing Primary business trade lines is required to complete the fast track program (Financing available with a credit score of 660 or higher)*

Three easy steps to start the process :

    1. Sign up for an iDentityIQ account for a 7 day trial for $1  click here (please provide log-in information below).
    2. Fill out the form below then submit (Response in 24 to 72 hours).
    3. Once we provide an evaluation, we’ll make a decision rather to proceed forward.
* All personal information will remain confidential and be discarded if client does not enter our program.