Get up to $200,000 in Unsecured Funds! No Income Needed!

Personal Credit Express highlights:

  • 100% Unsecured!
  • Get funds in 10 days (42 days max.)
  • No income documentation required!
  • We have “Equifax Only” & “Experian Only” funding Options!
  • All funding provided in the form of revolving major credit cards!
  • Loans and Lines of Credit available subject to credit approval.
  • No income or employment verification needed!
  • Get up to $200,000 in personal lines of credit.

Qualifications for PCE program:

  • 680 credit score only required (620 for military of military families).
  • Revolving balances must be below 60% of the credit limit.
  • At least 2 open and seasoned primary credit cards.
  • No more than 4 inquiries per bureau in the last 90 days.
  • Prior bankruptcy must be over 5 years old. 

Our company charge a performance fee of 15%, which will be invoiced to the client once the CAPITAL RAISE is approved and received by the client.


Three easy steps to start the process :

    1. Sign up for an iDentityIQ account for a 7 day trial for $1  click here (please provide log-in information below).
    2. Fill out the form below then submit (Response in 24 to 72 hours).
    3. Once we provide an evaluation, we’ll make a decision rather to proceed forward.
* All personal information will remain confidential and be discarded if client does not enter our program.